Our Advantage is in Analytics!

The future of Real Estate is right in front of us and it's changing faster than most can keep up. Technological advancements have allowed us to study the consumer and improve upon the Real Estate transaction process. That is where the Realtors at Olesh Residential excel! We've come up with a process to SELL your house better and faster than our competitors!


What is "Real Estate Analytics?"

Many people confuse analytics with "statistics." Statistics are important in regard to market trends and short term future expectations but it has nothing to do with Analytics. Real Estate Analytics is more about the study of the consumer and predicting where they will be and how they shop...like a moving target. It is the study of 1. Who is the Consumer? 2. How are they shopping? and 3. How can we most effectively advertise to them? Capturing this data and turning it in to usable information can be very difficult because consumer behavior is always changing. However, we have ways of analyzing this data and using it to sell your house faster and for more money! It is critical in getting maximum exposure when selling your home!


Understanding Real Estate Analytics

The Old Method of Selling your Home

The old method of selling Real Estate is no longer acceptable by our team's standards. Most Realtors rely on the "3-P" method.

1. Put a sign in the yard.

2. Post listing in the MLS.

3. Pray to GOD it sells! 

It's a little tongue-in-cheek but the truth is that most agents don't advertise listings any more than that. Using this method, most houses will sell in a reasonable amount of time and around market value. But is it really worth the commission you are paying? And does the "3-P" process really bring "Maximum Exposure" to your home? We say "No" and we offer a better solution. 

Our Solution- A Better Idea

Our process strives to bring maximum exposure to your property which means a quicker sale and more money for you! Of course we start with a yard sign and MLS listing but that's just the beginning of selling your home. From there we have to understand who the right buyer is for your home. We then use analytics to put your home right in front of the buyer...While they are sitting on their couch! Using Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Zillow, and many other sites, we are able to advertise beautiful pictures of your home to a large group of prospective buyers! Essentially, Analytic capabilities allow us to cut out the percentage of the market that is not interested and focus our money and efforts on the section of the market that is interested! And the best part is, we pay for this...not you! Doesn't this beat the old "3-P" method? 



Before you hire a Realtor to sell your house we have a few important questions you should ask:

1. What steps will you take to market my home?

2. How much money will you pay to advertise my home?

3. Can you support your "Marketing Method" with results and can I see those results?


Using the 3-P method does not cost your Realtor any money. At Olesh Residential, we pay out of our pocket to advertise your home! That's why we can bring Maximum Exposure to your listing which results in a faster sale and more money! 


If you really want to sell your house faster and for more money, give us a call or send us an email: