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 If I only have 10 seconds to get your attention about real estate, I'll give you ONE word... ANALYTICS!

My name is Mike Olesh and as a Communications Officer in the Marine Corps, I realized the importance of turning data into usable information. So when I started putting together a team at Olesh Residential, I did not start with a Realtor. I started with a leading analytics graduate student at Ohio State University.

As software has developed so has the buying experience. Buyers are able to do most of their research using websites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and agent pages such as this one. So if the buying experience has changes, why hasn't the selling experience? Development in the Selling process compared to the Buying process has lagged because most agents do not know how to turn data into information.

Real Estate Agents have been using the same process for decades and anybody can do it. But not everyone can understand consumer behavior, buyer traffic patterns, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics. The result is true "Maximum Exposure" which means a faster sale and more money. That's why WE are different.

If you give me 5 minutes, I can explain how analytics can sell your house faster and put more money in your pocket. 

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As a Buyer Specialist, it's my job to simplify your purchase from start to finish. As a Realtor dedicated to your purchase, we assist with financing options, help show your the homes you want to see, negotiate for you and oversee your contract through closing.

With experience in VA buyers and 1st time home buyers, there is no challenge we are not willing to tackle.

Whether you are looking to buy in a month, 6 months or next year, give us a call so we can help throughout the process.


Mike & Meghan Olesh